Mass Email Marketing Services – Worth the investment

Though mobile technology has enabled people in communicating with each other instantly, email is still the most popular method of exchanging information. This tool or gift of the Internet has proven very handy for students, individuals, professionals and business owners. While the use of email varies among its users, big and small organizations mainly use it for online marketing campaigns. This form of electronic communication gives instant access to millions of prospects. Expanding the client base and generating revenue was never been so easy until the email appeared. However, it is not simple either. Many who thought and embarked on running mass email marketing campaign on their own have never seen the success for years. After endless efforts with no results, they realized their mistakes and started looking for companies offering mass email marketing services.

If you are also thinking about operating email marketing campaign on your own, here are a few things that would force you to change your attitude.


When you are going it alone, you are truly walking on the edge and creating more blocks rather than opening them. You can get into the trap of spamming, which is considered a taboo in the internet marketing field. Once you are marked as a spammer, you will not only lose the existing clients, but also lose the chances of winning prospects. There is a limitation of sending emails through your personal account that can be imposed by the email service provider and the ISP. If there are more complaints registered against you, they might even drop you from the services. Even if you are sending emails to a purchased list, they can land in the junk folders or are blocked with security software and firewalls.

If you are working with email marketing company, the question of deliverability does not arise at all. This is because the company has its own server and IP address. They work with email providers and ISPs that makes them sending mass emails possible, thus breaking all the SPAM barriers, and passing all the security measures applied by the recipients in blocking messages.

Permission-based email marketing

Permission-based or opt-in email marketing is effective for mass email marketing. This type of marketing considers recipients’ interests and needs. For this, it is necessary to know about the product or service they are looking for, and asking for permission to send related messages. If the address holders see even a bit of honesty in your message, they may provide their contact details. Hence, when they open their inbox and see your email, they open and go through it. It takes time to convince the recipients in providing their contact details, but then generating leads becomes possible.

Take your decision to think about the future of your business. You will surely find seeking mass email marketing services worth.


Mass Email Marketing – Follow vital steps to avoid being labeled a spammer

Websites these days are not just to put information about a business. They are also helpful in promoting a product or informing customers about the latest development, or projects in the pipeline. They have become an effective tool in generating sales and taking the revenue to higher levels. Businesses have understood that it takes more than just a cold call or polite reminders to turn someone in. The best way to reach maximum people in this modern day is through emails. Therefore, many organizations are concentrating on potential customers through mass email marketing. However, very few are getting closer in achieving success since they are unaware of the difference between sending random emails and with permission.

While sending mass emails is very acceptable, resorting to unfair practices is against the law. Some online businesses do not know the difference between sending emails and spam. It is necessary to understand that if you send unsolicited email to many people; which means without knowing their interest and permission, you are just committing spam. To bring this practice under control, the law declares such online marketers as “spammers,” and takes off their websites from the web servers. Therefore, taking customer permission before sending them email  is necessary in order to avoid being black listed.

Now, the question is how to make people submit their email addresses and ask for emails. First, know their interest and needs through a survey. It is possible that a few of them must have purchased a product or service from you in the past. Contact them through email and ask them to pass on the message to their friends who might be interested in your offerings. You can also get them to fill a form and offer something like a coupon or bonus that can prompt them in giving an email address. If you are doing SEO, you can use your website for posting a mailer. This way, you can take their permission for sending emails.

When you have collected a good number of email addresses for mass email marketing, ensure that you draft your message in a simple and shorter way. Remember, people do not want to read the history of your company, your mission and vision. They just want to know how reading your message can help them in solving their problems. Additionally, do not get tempted in sending an attachment along with the email. Some people are too lazy to open the attachment and go through it. Address the person as if you are talking to him or her. Draft an attractive and catchy subject line to make them open your email. In addition, do not send emails daily. Wait for their response and then send them a reminder after a fortnight. If you are following this technique for mass emailing, your business will surely have positive responses.