Get better ROI with Opt in Email Marketing

There is no limit of online platforms for marketing as the Internet has grown to immeasurable scale. If you are a smart marketer, you will not ignore the potential of opt in email marketing. The term is often interchanged with permission-based marketing. The opt-in method is the target-oriented email marketing in which there is a guarantee of the offerings being purchased by the email recipients. The confirmation of positive results is because individuals have expressed their interest in the offerings, and they have asked to receive the emails.

When you are responding to customers’ request, they feel elated. Since customers know they have agreed and permitted the marketers to send them emails, they read the message and act accordingly. If the terms and conditions and other factors go down well with them, they are converted into sales.

Tips on adding potential customers to your opt-in list

Sign Up Form

There are certain ways in prompting prospects to give in their email addresses and area of interest to serve them better. If you combine marketing skills and creativity, the users can be trapped easily. Mostly, all online marketers make use of the ‘sign up’ forms. If your message has touched the users’ senses, they will surely fill in the form and submit it.

Add Links

If you are on social media websites, add a link to your sign up form or other contents that you think could probably excite the online users. You can also use blogs, and forum to post the links. Another option is to contact the webmaster of the website that has a good page ranking and request them to add the links. In return, he may request you to reciprocate in the same way by posting any of his links on your website.

Other Methods

Though the Internet users are growing each day, there is still a minor section of the population that is not adept in using the Internet. The percentage of such a population will vary according to the geographical locations. Nevertheless, there will not be a higher number of such people. You can still include them in your marketing campaign resorting to the subscription drive. You can leave the subscription form at shopping centers where the walk in customers can complete the form with email addresses. However, you need to drive them in doing so by offering some discount or free gifts in exchange for their email addresses.

Associate Marketing

Once you have the permission from the customer to send them emails, you can encourage them to forward the message to their friends who would be interested in going for the offer. In exchange, you can offer them a gift voucher or a movie ticket.

Opt in email marketing is a great way of inviting customers to fall in for your offers. Since spamming is totally out of the picture, this online marketing offers the best return on investment.


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